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Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP): Week 3

Here are some notes from last week. Week 3 working on AMP.

Top Stories with AMP

Google has already taken AMP to the next level. “Top Stories with AMP” is a kind of enhanced AMP, so to speak. They will be shown as a carousel in Google Search results.

In order qualify for Top Stories, your AMP needs to meet some additional specs. It must have a Structured Data Markup that include the following mandatory information:

  • An image at least 696 pixels wide
  • Publisher information (including a logo no bigger than 600x60)
  • Author. Although Google’s official guidelines require a type of schema.org/Person, I noticed schema.org/Organization also passes the Structured Data validation
  • datePublished in ISO 8601 format

SVG image

Other than , inline SVG is allowed, although only a subset of attributes are supported.